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Our Services

We are skilled to provide legal solutions for diversity of industry and our value for continuous learning and training puts our lawyers in a vantage position to effectively help our clients.

Business Law

We provide legal services for the protection, promotion, and sustainability of businesses and their owners. Our services and products are tailored to meet the unique needs and structures of various businesses and industries. With competent experts in the various areas of our specialization, we will guide your organization through agreements with your business partners and work with your organization to create innovative solutions that will outlive the owners and impact society. Whether Profit or Non-Profit organization, our wide range of legal expertise and corporate governance proficiencies will help establish maintain and secure the governance of your organization. Our services include: Business Establishments and Reconstructions, Contracts and Joint Ventures, Employment and Labour matters, Intellectual Property protection, Company Secretary Services, Corporate Governance etcetera

Business Establishment and Reconstructions

Solape Adesuyi & Associates provides second-to-none legal advice on business formation, establishment, and reconstruction. Creating the proper platform and structure with which a corporate agenda, plan, idea, or program will be implemented is as essential as the idea, or plan itself; it determines the success or failure of the plan. We provide advisories on the structure and the appropriate business entity and we stand by our clients from the beginning to guide them, help them grow, mitigate their risk, and achieve their goals.

Business Protection- Intellectual Properties

We understand the need for businesses to protect their ideas, creations, and designs, hence we work to provide intellectual property protection for organisations such as trademark and service mark registrations and enforcement of breaches where it occurs, registration of patents, and designs. Copyright registration for creatives especially in the media and entertainment industry. We also provide other business protection services that secure, trade secrets, business processes, and data.

Contracts and Joint Ventures

We make available necessary business support by providing contracts, joint ventures, sales agreements, manufacturing agreements, MOUs, insurance, tax advisory general business advisory, and capital market issues.

Mergers and Acquisitions

As a result of a corporate merger or acquisition, our legal work resolves around, company reconstruction structures, and filings at the Corporate Affairs Commission. We also engage in all matters of corporate asset regularization whilst ensuring compliance with the law for shareholders, employees, directors, and customers.

Regulatory Compliance

Every industry has a plethora of laws, regulations, and guidelines including government policies and practice directives that influence business operations in that industry. Our work is to ensure that our clients are well abreast of these laws and developments within their industry to align with them and prevent our clients from liabilities and losses occasioned by these laws or their omission. We also work to ensure our clients comply with the law, from taxes to permits, immigration laws, and licenses.

Employment and Labour Law

At Solape Adesuyi and Associates, we work with businesses to guide the process of their recruitment and ensure compliance with laws whilst ensuring the protection of the employers’ business. We provide all necessary documentation for employment contracts as we work in hand with the Human Resource professional within the organization.

International Businesses

At Solape Adesuyi and Associates, part of our work and expertise is to enable our clients to carry on their businesses taking advantage of the global market by engaging in international trade and as well as partnerships between the Nigerian company and foreign companies. We also provide legal advisories for engaging international investments, capital importations from outside Nigeria, and immigration licenses and permits for foreign partners and investors.

Corporate Governance

We provide corporate governance advisory services as well as corporate governance audits for oorgansations based on the requirements of the Corporate Allied Matters Act (CAMA), the Investments and Securities Act 2007 (ISA), and the Financial Reporting Council of Nigeria Act 2011 Act. There are other industry-specific legislation and corporate governance codes which can be referred to. Our clients enjoy our vast experience in the management of small boards to the balance of power in big boards and organization

Company Secretary Services

The business regulatory environment is evolving, thus the need to be up to date in compliance. Every business/organization must ensure a prompt and accurate response to the compliance and regulatory requirements particular to their industry or generally imposed by the government.

Therefore, at Solape Adesuyi & Associates, we have made it our business to provide secretarial and legal, and regulatory audits, to help SMEs. we facilitate, attend, and record meetings such as board meetings, management, and shareholder meetings. We also ensure regular filings with appropriate agencies. We act as company secretaries to companies that would rather outsource their secretarial work to minimize cost whilst enjoying the benefit of having professionally qualified Chartered secretaries hold their briefs.

Fiduciary Services

We provide fiduciary services as nominees for our clients (individual and corporate) who prefer to take advantage of our professional services as chartered administrators to represent them as directors or shareholders on boards of companies, charities, and non-profits

Real Estate Law

Our work in the Real Estate industry includes: providing legal services to guide through property purchase and sales transactions. We also carry our due diligence on properties to ensure there are no encumbrances that are not overt on properties before sales or purchase. We also review the contract of sale to make sure there it is fair to all parties. At Solape Adesuyi and Associates we are trusted for the management of residential and commercial properties on behalf of owners who desire to leverage our expertise in selecting and contracting with tenants and lessors. We also hold properties in trust for our clients and put the properties to commercial use; generating financial benefits for the owner and maintaining the property for higher value. Solape Adesuyi and associates also provide property development/ financing contracts.

Property Sales and Purchase

We represent our esteemed clients; both individual and corporate entities to buy or sell their real properties. Here we represent their interest by standing as their attorney all through the process od sales, Leases, Mortgages, or any other type of interest in the real properties.

Due Diligence

One of the critical assignments of an attorney in a real property transaction is to investigate the title of the proposed sellers and ensure that all investigation about the property, its ownership, or existence or non-existence of encumbrances on the property are brought to light before the transaction is concluded.

Lease Tenancies

Leases and tenancies are very important tools for property owners to maximize profit from their property. There may be long or short leases, or simple annual tenancies or short-let can become very reliable means of generation income for property owners whilst ensuring the property is not left to waste away. At SAALAW, we provide all necessary legal guidance for this process of leasing, advising and protection the interest of the property owner.

Registration of Title

After there has been a transfer of title in a real property, there has to be a registration of the title by the new owner. Real Estate Law in Nigeria, put a duty on owners of property to register their titles with the appropriate legal authority to secure their rights and protect them from illegal activities or any fraudulent dealings on their property. Our exporter lawyers work together to ensure that our clients can secure their real assets by complying with the provisions of the law.

Property Management

This is one of the ways SAALAW, helps to give corporate clients and individuals, full protection of the law and security to their real assets. By managing the property, we provide both legal services regarding the property as well as take over the total administration of the property. We manage commercial properties, by taking away the burden of dealing with tenants and lessee from the property owner and ensure that the tenants/ lessees comply fully with the provisions of the law and the agreement between the parties or face the full weight of the law.

"We also carry our due diligence on properties to ensure there are no encumbrances that are not overt on properties before sales or purchase. "

Estate Planning

At Solape Adesuyi and Associates, we provide professional expertise in the planning of the assets and estates of our clients. We combine our vast knowledge of customary laws and received English laws, family law, and practice on succession to provide services including drafting of Wills, Lodging at Probate Court and Safe Keeping of the Will, Creating Trusts, Obtaining Letters of Administration. 

In pursuit of our mission and value for our clients which includes creating order, value, and sustainability; at Solape Adesuyi and Associates, we work with our clients to build sustainable systems and create succession plans; We understand that success is not complete without succession, hence estate planning becomes very essential for our Clients who desire to extend their impact and influence beyond their lifetime.


This entails court actions and processes required to ensure that the properties of a deceased person pass to the correct beneficiaries. It is the process of proving before a competent judicial authority that a document offered for official recognition and registration as the last will of a deceased person is genuine.


At SAALAW we provide Will drafting services for all our clients. We ensure that Wills and Codicils are drafted, registered, and kept safe by our professional services.

A  legal trust is an entity created with separate and distinct rights, to carry out the intention of a person. A party known as a trustor gives another party (the trustee) the right to hold title to and manage property or assets for the benefit of a third party, called the beneficiary.




This is done to provide legal protection for the trustor’s assets to ensure proper distribution of the asset of the trustor. Legal trusts are capable of saving time, reducing paperwork, and sometimes reducing inheritance or estate taxes.

Letter of Administration

When a family member dies intestate (without a Will), surviving next of kins or beneficiaries who are of age may apply to the probate Court for a Letter of Administration which will empower certain persons to administer and manage the estate of the deceased person for the benefit of the beneficiaries.