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Our Business Packages

We are here to help you plan, grow, mitigate your risks and achieve your goals, and we will never let you down at any time. We want to start doing business with you so you can just go ahead and pick any of our packages.

Basic Business Plan

With this package, we provide legal protection for your business which is captured under all our areas of practice.

You can call on us any time within our working hours and our team of erudite lawyers will be ready to address your legal challenges and advice you appropriately.

You don’t know the value of timely accurate legal advice until you have incurred a liability or suffered an avoidable loss. With competent experts in the various areas of our specialization, we also guide you before signing any agreement with your business partners or other parties with whom you have legal dealings.

We will give legal opinions and advisories that will save you money and prevent liabilities.

  • Legal advisory
  • Contract vetting and legal opinion
  • Telephone advisory (1-120mins)



  • The business must have between 0-3 employee
  • The business asset must be below 5 million naira excluding landed property
  • Telephone conservation per-month shall not exceed 120mins in aggregate

Intermediate Business Plan

This combines the protection and availability of the Basic Business Plan with the benefits of having all your legal documentation in our areas of practice prepared by our team of lawyers. Your business is also guided through regulatory and compliance requirements for your industry. You get the benefit of having a copy of our newly published legal manual for entrepreneurs titled: Your business and Law

  • Legal advisory
  • Contract vetting
  • Employment law and documentations
  • Telephone advisories (0-120mins)
  • Legal documentation and agreement excluding (property or subject matters above 3 million in value)
  • Regulatory and compliance advisories
  • Complimentary copies of our book (Your business and the Law)



  • All T&C of the Basic BusinessPlan applies
  • Legal drafting covered shall be for transactions below 3 million in value.
  • The business should have between 0-10 employees and asset below 20million naira excluding landed property

Advanced Business Plan

This provides you with the duo of Basic Business Plan,  and Intermediate Business Plan combined with full company secretarial services, attendance of meetings or business negotiations where necessary, an annual legal audit, and necessary mechanism for the protection of trade secrets. Plus you will get complimentary copies of our new books

  • Legal advisory
  • Contract vetting
  • Telephone advisories (1- 120mins)
  • Legal documentation and Agreement excluding (property or subject matters beyond 7 million naira in value)
  • Attendance of meetings and business negotiation
  • Employment law and documentations
  • Protection of Trade Secrets
  • Regulatory and compliance advisories
  • Company secretarial service
  • Annual legal audit
  • Complimentary copies of our book (Your business and the Law)


  • All T&C of basic and intermediate plan applies
  • The meeting can only be attended once a month (the additional request for the attendance of meetings will attract a fee)
  • The legal drafting of agreements to be drafted can only be on subject matters below 7 million naira in value.
  • Meeting maybe physical or online with adequate notice given
  • Employees between 10-25, and assets of the company maybe 26 million naira above.
  • All retainer entitles you to negotiable considerations where our services outside the retainer are required
  • All payments must be made in advance